Soft Tissue Surgery of the Knee
Ligament and cartilage damage of the knee are very common problems. Cruciate ligament reconstructions are commonly performed procedures that continue to evolve. Comprehensive experience in hamstring, patella tendon, allograft and double bundle techniques lead to the best results. Weather you are a weekend warrior or the Heisman Trophy winner, a stable knee leads to improved quality of life and minimizes your risk of developing arthritis.

Soft tissue procedures commonly performed include: ACL, PCL, posterolateral corner reconstructions, meniscal repair, OATS, microfracture and cartilage transplant surgery.


Arthritic Conditions of the Knee
Knee replacement surgery is the most effective surgery done. Outcome studies looking at over 200 variables have concluded that knee replacement surgery improves every variable studied except social isolation.

The McBride Clinic is one of the busiest total joint hospitals in the country. Training in primary and revision knee replacement over a five year period was a great opportunity. Working with 15 different surgeons and implant systems from every major manufacturer was great preparation for my fellowship in complex adult reconstruction. During my fellowship, I performed about 20 total joints per week. In addition, I worked on implant research and design while serving as a paid “surgeon expert” for Omni.

Other Knee Procedures
In addition to soft tissue reconstruction and knee replacement surgery, there are a number of other procedures with less common indications. These include distal femoral osteotomies, opening wedge osteotomies, closing wedge osteotomies and realignment procedures.

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