Dear Referring Doctors and Patients,

I applaud every effort to be a well-informed health care consumer. Having had multiple elective procedures myself I know that seeking the most qualified surgeons to perform elective procedures produces the best results.

Please allow this letter to serve as my introduction. It provides information about my background, my medical training and my practice.

I am grateful for the opportunity to return home to Shreveport to practice medicine. I am proud to have been educated in the Caddo Parish Public School System. I graduated from Captain Shreve High School in 1993. After completing a BA in Biology from Baylor University, I attended LSU School of Medicine in Shreveport.

Surgical Training
Following the interview process, my wife and I decided to rank the University of Oklahoma as our first choice to train in orthopaedic surgery. We loved our time in Oklahoma City and the residency training program was outstanding. The focus included trauma, sports medicine and total joint replacement in that order.

Following my residency I sought out specialty training to solve complicated problems of the shoulder, hip and knee. I looked at many sports medicine and total joint fellowships and after much consideration, I decided on both. First, I worked as a joint replacement fellow under Tom Tkach in Oklahoma City. Then I moved my family to Lake Tahoe where I worked as a sports medicine fellow under Randy Watson. The combination of these fellowships makes my clinical experience unique.

I joined the staff at Orthopaedic Specialists in Shreveport to work alongside doctors who not only acted as my surgeons but also my mentors. They are the reason I became interested in orthopaedic surgery. For this I am grateful and it makes this association with them special.

If you would like further details regarding my specific training or more information about my practice please contact me directly by email or phone 318.635.3052.

Thank you for your interest and consideration,

David Googe M.D.

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